Facebook Store Visits Campaign

Store Visits This type of campaign is used to create ads with location-based relevance for people nearby your bricks and mortar stores. When setting the budget for your Store Visits campaign you have two optimization options: Reach – Available to all advertisers, optimizes for daily unique reach and shows “Impressions” as the default metric in …

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Facebook Conversions Campaign

Conversions Conversion campaigns are useful when you are trying to persuade Facebook users to take a specific action on your website. Whether you want page visits, sales or other actions, website conversion ads encourage people to go to your website and take action. Rationale behind Conversion Campaigns: Website conversion ads work with the Facebook pixel …

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Facebook App Installs Campaign

App Installs Facebook has three different advertising objectives for apps: App installs, traffic and conversions. Each objective is designed to help advertisers achieve a specific business goal. Rationale behind App Install Campaigns: If you’re running ads for a brand new app, your goal would be to increase installs of your app, so using the app …

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