Going Full-Time as a Realtor

I talk to a lot of Realtors and there seems to be huge amount of effort required to move from selling Real Estate Part-Time to selling it Full-time.

A lot of Realtors tell me it’s tough breaking into a market because all the referral work goes to people who have been there longer and are more established.

Which confuses me, if I’m honest. 

I mean, I get that people want to work with people they know, and that sometimes trust goes a long way to make up for less-than-stellar marketing techniques. But going on my own experience (and my clients’), I can’t understand why people don’t make more use of online tools. 

For example – the population of the US is fairly fluid. People are moving into cities and towns, where they don’t have pre-existing contacts, every single day. Flyering, handing out cards at every possible event and being a slave to your phone doesn’t necessarily give you access to those people.

But advertising on Facebook does.

Instead of doing things the old-fashioned way, perhaps it’s time to fast-track your empire so that it works for YOU? Want to automate and scale? Want to create an organised system that’ll help your business grow and bring in enough money for you to do this full-time? You know that you need a constant flow of deals and leads to sort through, in order to make that happen.

But did you know that advertising on Facebook could give it to you?

If you like the idea of a system that sells people on you and makes you their agent BEFORE they need you, then I would love to teach you how easy it is to get GOOD, QUALIFIED leads.

Want more info? Let us know.

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