Helping Realtors get a consistent stream of qualified leads

This course will transform your Real Estate Business by showing you how to open up your own personal pipeline of Pre-Qualified Leads

Make more sales and earn the GCI you need to support the lifestyle you want

Problem One:

There are plenty of Realtors in your area who have been doing this longer than you

They’ve already built up a network and staked their claim to every Zillow zipcode they can

Problem Two:

It’s hard to find a way to stand out in a Realtor-saturated, low-inventory market

You're struggling to find a way to make a significant difference to your business income

Problem Three:

Endless hours of busy work aren't getting you the results or the income you need

You know what you are doing isn't working, but don't know how to move forward

Problem Four: You know that Real Estate is all about relationships, which is why you've avoided tech til now - but relationships start somewhere, and unless you do something different, you'll never meet a new client who doesn't already have a Realtor

So – what, exactly, is the answer?

Just being a newbie in Real Estate, it has all felt so overwhelming. I was unsure of how I was going to get my name out there. Since doing the Facebook Ads for Realtors course with Growth 4 Realty, I feel so much more positive. I now have a framework for moving forward that makes me excited rather than fearful. Alli has been so supportive and has gone above and beyond in answering all my very many questions. She has helped me come up with a plan that I know is going to give me the upper hand in my market as no one else is doing it. I can not thank Alli enough and I cannot recommend this course enough.
Sinead Dunne
Realtor - Auckland, New Zealand

There are lots of programs online that’ll show you how to create Facebook ads and there’s an enormous amount of information available to Realtors who know they can uplevel their business by using this incredibly powerful tool to find qualified leads on their own terms.

The problem isn’t availability of information. It’s the quality of information that’s out there, and the reliability of the results it generates.

Facebook is one of the most dynamic social media platforms around, changing on an almost constant basis. Which is fantastic if you’ve got your finger on the pulse, and know how to harness those changes before your competition realizes what’s happening.

You’ll get the cream of the crop!


But it’s not so great if you’re trying to use out-of-date, obsolete information to run your campaigns.

Building up a Real Estate business already takes a huge amount of time, energy and money. Even the most ambitious Realtors (the ones who are already trying to teach themselves how to leverage Facebook ads) can find themselves lost at sea, unable to take advantage of new features because they’re completely unaware of the latest strategies that actually work (often ones that are completely different to those suggested by Facebook itself). Or alternatively, they can find themselves priced out of the market if they try to outsource their advertising to a specialist agency.

There’s that constant niggle of awareness that the all of the well-established Realtors in your area have probably already met every contact they’ll ever need to sell as many houses as they want. And then, possibly worse, there’s the apprehension of knowing full well that there’s a newer generation of tech-savvy Realtors – hot on your heels.

Talk about being part of the squeezed middle!


Then, on top of that, add the legal complexities of the Real Estate industry and the potentially whimsical nature of prospective clients, who are only interested in kicking tires and wasting your valuable time.

It’s no wonder that Realtors sometimes feel cynical about trying new things. 


You can uplevel as a professional Realtor by being able to find new clients for yourself, whenever you want them.  And once you can do that, you’ll be able to market your clients’ homes in a way that is inaccessible to most other Realtors.

Knowing how to leverage cutting-edge advertising techniques is going to make those ‘established’ Realtors worry that they can’t compete with you. And you’ll leave the newer tech-savvy ones standing – because they don’t have your ‘real life’ experience yet.

Now is the time to take action.

"What's the answer? Well, I don't believe it is buying leads from Zillow,, or anyone else. I also don't think it is mailing post cards as that is unsustainable and a big waste of paper (even if it provides success for some). I strongly believe that Facebook advertising and social media in general is the future of real estate advertising. Growth 4 Realty and this course takes the mystery out of it. I am so glad I ran across Alli on Facebook and decided to take this course. Alli knows her stuff!"

OLD – Busy-ness:

  • Flyering
  • Networking
  • Open Houses
  • Constant competition for  Leads
  • Expensive zipcodes from Zillow & Trulia
  • Referral Fees
  • Slave to the phone
  • Inconsistent stream of Poor-Quality Leads

NEW – Business:

  • Leads qualified to your requirements
  • A system that sells people on you and makes you their agent even before they need you 
  • Leads collected from Facebook and inserted directly into your database
  • You’re in charge of your Ad budget
  • Schedule when you want to work
  • Consistent, controllable pipeline of Qualified Leads
Alli Graham - Lead Strategist ChilliChalli & Course Director
Christopher Graham - Technical Director & Broker

That’s what brought us to you


With a combined 60 years in the software industry, and having built various businesses (including a Real Estate one), we finally cracked the code of simple, controllable lead generation by learning to use Facebook advertising effectively.

We couldn’t believe the difference that advertising properly on Facebook made to our business.  The feeling of knowing that we were in control of our income was amazing.

Initially we were snowed under, we had generated so many leads that talking to them all was impossible. Then we worked out a system to automate our lead gen, leaving us free to talk only to leads who had been automatically qualified to meet our requirements.

We formed our advertising agency – when we realized how important Facebook Ads are for scaling and upleveling businesses.  We specialize in building Facebook sales funnels and campaigns for the Real Estate industry.

We quickly realized that there are a lot of Realtors out there missing out on the gold rush available to those ‘in the know’. 

To solve this problem we produced an online course using everything we learned from our own experience. A course created especially for Realtors. So now you can learn how to build and manage these funnels yourself. 

Facebook ads are a revolutionary tool, but it can be tough to get the results you want – unless you know how.

This course teaches Realtors like you how to fully understand and then leverage Facebook advertising.  It shows you how to build a system that creates a consistent stream of qualified leads – leads that are then automatically put onto a nurture campaign.

You can immediately see who you should spend your time with, because they fit the criteria you need to get the job done.

Would you like to deal exclusively with people who are qualified and ready to work with you?

Instead of worrying where your next lead is coming from imagine 20 – 30 qualified leads coming your way each week, asking to work with you.

You can make it happen – you just need to know how.  We can show you how!

It’s time to do something different.  It’s time to actually find the people who are ready to sell and the ones that are motivated and ready to buy.

And whether you realise it or not – you’ve got an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over your more established peers: you know how Facebook works, because you use it. 

That’s where we found you!



Everything you need to know to effectively use Facebook Ads to find
qualified leads that will convert into clients




  • Tips to generate more traffic, get more qualified leads, and turn them into paying clients (Value $997)
  • The specific framework you must use alongside your Facebook ads to qualify leads automatically (Value $1,065)
  • Two different specialist Real Estate Sales Funnels, ready for you to copy and tweak (Value $1,997)
  • Proven strategies to set up and price campaigns so that you only pay for the results you actually want (Value $999)
  • The mapping techniques that will save you time and $$$ when targeting your audience (Value $968)
  • The toolbox you need to make sure your advertising results get better over time, not worse (Value $1,997)

(All course material is immediately available inside our online student portal)

This course is for you if – you’ve been trying to make Real Estate work for you, you’ve been thinking about running Facebook ads to find new, qualified leads, and you want to bypass the learning curve.

This course is not for you if – you’re happy with the results you are getting and don’t want more clients or a higher GCI. Or if you’re more concerned about saving money than saving your time and energy by finding new, qualified clients on Facebook.

What’s inside:


✅Overview videos explaining in detail why and how to take the steps we recommend

✅In-depth videos showing exactly where to go, what to click and how to set everything up

✅Topic modules covering everything you need to do to get the results you want

✅Suggested qualifying questions  for your new clients

✅Lists of recommended resources to help you get the most out of your advertising

✅Screen prints to document every step of the way, so you’ll never worry about doing the wrong thing in the wrong place

✅Downloadable checklists for each step so you know exactly what to do next

✅In-depth flow charts for specialist Real Estate funnel templates

✅In-depth flow charts showing you exactly how to create the automated lead gen system

✅Required ad spend calculator – used to estimate what you need to spend before you start

PLUS when we update the course, you’ll get that for free too. Lifetime access.

We'll even give you 2 DIFFERENT

The Normal 30 Day One

If you don’t get the results you want after finishing and implementing what you learn in this course, we’ll give you the cost of this course back.

The One you get if you’d rather we do it for you

If you take the course, but then decide you’d rather we took care of it for you, then we’ll take the cost of this course off our fee.

Fast Action Bonuses – sign up within 5 days to unlock the following:


✅3 months free access to the Course Support Group, (worth $297)

✅Networking with and feedback from other industry leaders ($Priceless)

✅Free cheat-sheets to identify your ideal Seller and ideal Buyer (worth $49)

✅Free Lead Magnet cheat-sheet (worth $49)

✅Free reference sheet of every criteria you can use to target your new clients (worth $99)

✅Opportunity to have your Facebook account audited for free by an expert – only available to Support Group Members (worth $2,500)


Mega Bonus One: Hacks to help you avoid a Poisoned Pixel and to show you how to fix yours if the damage has already been done (Value $2,497)

Mega Bonus Two: How to only deal with Sellers who are ready to sell and Buyers who can actually buy (Value $How much is your time worth?)

Mega Bonus Three: How to scale your advertising safely, so you don't destroy the consistent stream of leads you've just built (Value $ 1,376)

Are you ready to uplevel as a professional Realtor?

Questions? Email us


Course Value: $8,023
Bonus Value: $6,967

Total Value: $14,990

Introductory offer if you sign up today: $997

Important Note: If you don’t purchase within the next 5 days, your access to these bonuses will disappear.
We want to work with Realtors 
who are serious about radically increasing their business income and
improving their lives

Are you ready to change your life by changing your Real Estate business?

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Whether you're a beginner or just looking to sharpen up your knowledge and skills - this course has
the most up-to-date resources, frameworks and training
for Real Estate professionals
from beginner to highly advanced strategies


I think this might be too advanced for me!

We start from the very beginning, and we build steadily on the basics. There’s a private online community where you can ask as many questions as you’d like. And if you find that you don’t want to bother with some of the more technical aspects of the course – we offer ‘done-for-you’ packages that’ll give you the headstart you need to actually get those qualified leads – on your own terms.

I think this might be too basic for me!

If you already have the basics down, fast-track to learning about Sales Funnel optimization, creating an automated system to qualify and insert leads into your CRM. Build self-refining audiences that will continue to optimize, drive down your advertising costs and increase your lead conversion rate. The sky is the limit. Remember – you’ll also get access to the group, where you can ask more complex questions and get feedback from other industry leaders.

I’d like to train my whole team!

If you’re a broker or a Real Estate Educator and can see the massive advantage your team or students would have if they knew how to leverage Facebook Ads both for their own Lead Generation and for their clients, then get in touch. We offer tailored packages that will allow you to train multiple members of staff at once. Email us –  hello@ and tell us exactly what you need.

Couldn’t I learn this for free?

Yep, absolutely. 100%. Of course, it’ll take a while to get all the latest information, because there’s a ton of stuff out there that’s either old, or just plain wrong.
And then you’ll have to filter out what to use specifically for Real Estate.
And, of course, you’ll need to test it out, which is going to take time and money – money that you won’t know if you’re even spending on the right kind of ad

So why is this course different?

Because building Facebook Sales Funnels for our Real Estate clients is our business, we know what works and what doesn’t.
Because it’s not a quick fix, this course explains why you need to do something as well as how to do it – meaning you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned (which is specialized to Real Estate professionals anyway) and apply it to your own business.

Isn’t this just another scam?

No, no it’s not. G4Realty is a training portal for – specialists in Real Estate advertising. We run an LLC in the USA and a Limited Company in the UK. We know how to do business. We identified Facebook Ads as a crucial tool for our own Lead Gen, and a massive boost for Realtors struggling to get quality leads. And with 2 money back guarantees, really – what have you got to lose?


Are you ready to work smarter and make the GCI you want and deserve?​

Questions? Email us

That’s all we’ve got… if we’ve not been able to convince you that this is the fastest and best way to grow your business, then it’s probably not the right time for you to do it.


But if you can SEE how it’ll revolutionize your income by giving you the edge over almost every other Realtor in your area, then we hope we’ll see you inside the course support group soon!

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