Facebook Store Visits Campaign

Store Visits

This type of campaign is used to create ads with location-based relevance for people nearby your bricks and mortar stores. When setting the budget for your Store Visits campaign you have two optimization options:

Reach – Available to all advertisers, optimizes for daily unique reach and shows “Impressions” as the default metric in reporting.

Store Visits – Available to some advertisers, optimizes for lowest cost per attributed store visit by increasing delivery towards customers who are more likely to visit a store.

Rationale behind Store Visits Campaigns:

This type of campaign bridges the gap between online advertising and offline purchasing, driving people to local stores

How Facebook chooses the people it shows your Campaigns to:

Using Geo-targeting, the Store Visits objective allows you to set boundaries automatically based on population density and required audience size. Alternatively, you can specify a precise radius around each one of your stores. You can show each person the address or phone number of the location nearest to them.

Download our full Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet here.  Includes complete list of the Campaigns and Audiences.

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