Facebook Reach Campaign


A reach campaign will show your ad to the maximum number of people and allows you to control the number of times you show your ad to Facebook Users.

Rationale behind Reach Campaigns:

If you want to reach a large percentage of your target audience in order to help drive more sales, then you can use the reach objective to show ads to a larger proportion of your audience. If you have a narrow audience and want to make sure everyone in that group has seen your ad, you can raise the frequency at which Facebook Shows them your ads. If you operate from a business location and you want to promote to people who are within a radius around it, you can tailor your reach using location targeting.

How Facebook chooses the people it shows your Campaigns to:

If you are trying to get exposure for your brand, then a Reach Campaign will allow Facebook to optimize for the maximum number of impressions. It will optimize to feed your budget out per impression, and get as many impressions as possible for your Ad Set budget. It’ll show your ad once, to as many people as possible within your target audience.

Download our full Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet here.  Includes complete list of the Campaigns and Audiences.

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