Are you a Realtor who KNOWS that you could get more clients if ONLY you knew how to make Facebook Ads work for you?

You’re right, you know… Absolutely bang on the money.

Part of the problem is that it’s EASY to advertise on Facebook.

But it’s HARD to get the results you NEED by advertising on Facebook.
Applying for this course is your first step towards getting the results you NEED.

Facebook offers THE most efficient, effective and targeted advertising available. You just have to know how to set it up correctly.

Most Realtors want just ONE thing… a consistent stream of QUALIFIED leads.

But second to that, they want to know that when they call a prospective client, they’re not the fifth Realtor to call them that day,
asking for their business.

What if we told you there was another way – a way whereby your prospective clients would be EXCITED to hear from you?
A way where they’d be expecting a call from YOU (or from one of your agents…)

Build campaigns that WORK

Facebook Ads are used every day to build campaigns that WORK, to deliver RESULTS for big businesses and small businesses alike.
They can be used to build lead generation MACHINES as finely tuned as high-performance cars.
You just have to know how to build them and switch them on in the right way.

What if we told you that we’ve got the keys to your new Facebook Ad Machine?

Would you be interested?

You would?

Well, OK then.

We’re offering you exclusive access to a course that was built in consultation with
Alli Graham, Lead Strategist of ChilliChalli –
THE Facebook Advertising Agency specializing in Real Estate.


It’s her job to analyze then strategize for some of the fastest growing Realtors in the USA.


ChilliChalli generates MASSIVE success for its clients.
But employing ChilliChalli is EXPENSIVE.
A typical Ad campaign will cost upwards of $15,000, straight off the bat.


And not everyone is in the position to spend that amount of money –

even if the results ARE business-changing.

ChilliChalli gets OUTRAGEOUS results,
working on the principle that:

So if you aren’t in a position to drop $15,000 just like that, it’s going to take time…


In fact, it’ll take TEN Days

To be totally precise.

Here’s your alternative – access to the knowledge that will enable you to do the same thing her agency does – at a fraction the cost.

But there’s a kicker – it’ll be YOUR time you spend, rather than agency time.



And quite honestly – not everyone will have the dedication and business experience to make the most of this course…

But for the Realtors that DO?

Well… they’ll get the keys to Facebook.

And those things are POWERFUL.

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