Facebook Brand Awareness Campaign

Brand Awareness

Used to reach the people who are more likely to pay attention to your ads and pay attention to your brand. Facebook will show your ads to people who are the most likely to recall them. Facebook will measure the results of your campaign in various ways, including engagement, reach and estimated Ad Recall Lift (an estimate of the number of people who are likely to remember your ad). The metric shows how many people Facebook estimates would remember seeing your ad if they were asked about it within 2 days.

Rationale behind Brand Awareness Campaigns:

A key sign that your ads resonate with your audience is if people remember them. In the advertising industry, this has traditionally been measured using ‘ad recall surveys’. Facebook research has shown that people remembering your ad is related to metrics further down your sales funnel, such as message association and intent to purchase.

How Facebook chooses the people it shows your Campaigns to:

Their Behavior – Facebook measures more than 1000 signals including the existing relationship that a user has had with your page, their likelihood of interacting with your ad and multiple demographic characteristics.

Polling – Facebook is constantly calibrating their delivery predictions by running thousands of polls on random samples of campaigns each day, and then asking users if they recall those adverts.

When using the brand awareness objective, your ads will reach your audience up to 2 times every 5 days by default. Over a 4-week campaign that means people will see your ads around 10 times.

Download our full Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet here.  Includes complete list of the Campaigns and Audiences.

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